Our Story

Sarah Evers started working at Dancing Bear Toys when she was nineteen years old. She helped the original owner, Jim Proctor, move the toy store from Biltmore Village to Tunnel Road in 1993. That same year, the Evers family purchased the store. At first, they saw it as a short-term investment. They had no idea that the toy store would grow to become a local landmark!

Sarah and her sister Erika took over daily operations. In 1997, they opened a second location on Main Street in downtown Hendersonville. Their parents, Mary and Dave, left their careers to help manage the rapidly growing business.


In 2013, the Asheville store moved into a retrofitted Hooters building. The new location is three and a half times the size of the old one, which means more room for toys and special events! We even turned the original Hooters bar into a toy bar where kids can sit and play games. For directions to our new location, click here.


Dancing Bear has always been more than just a store. It’s a space for kids and adults to play. It’s a gathering place for locals and a place for tourists to experience our region's wacky side. We're excited to keep growing with Western North Carolina! We’re committed to giving back to our community through free events, donations, and a free lending library of toys for teachers. 


We work hard to bring you the best, the weirdest, and the most unique toys on the market. We have hundreds of demos available and we’re always ready to play with you!