Screen Free Week

Can your kids go a full week without screen media?

Take the Screen Free Week WNC Challenge to find out!

May 1-7, 2017


Screen Free Week is national holiday sponsored by Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood.  Every year, schools, families, and communities switch off their screens and discover the joys of the real world!  Screen Free Week is a great excuse to get outside, get active, and get to know your community.

For the past twenty years, Dancing Bear Toys has challenged kids to go seven days without using technology for entertainment.  We offer free play days every day after school and a $5 gift card to kids who successfully complete the challenge.

Do you have what it takes to complete the challenge?


All play days are FREE and at our Asheville location only!

Monday-Friday 3:30-4:30pm

Saturday-Sunday 1-2pm

Monday, May 1 - Make a necklace or bracelet from recycled paper beads

Tuesday, May 2 - Make your own special whale friend out of egg cartons

Wednesday, May 3 - Have a fiesta with toilet paper tube pinatas

Thursday. May 4 - Decorate special Dream Jars and fill them with your hopes and wishes

Friday, May 5 - Weave potholders with just cardboard and yarn

Saturday, May 6 - Decorate your own chia pals in plastic bottle pots

Sunday, May 7 - Invent your own recycled craft monster or robot


Stop by Dancing Bear Toys to pick up your bookmark to get started!