Our Pets

Not only is the staff of Dancing Bear Toys awesome, their pets are the cutest pets around town! Check them out!






Murphy: Murphy is Sarah’s dog. He has very pokey feet, and his skills include kicking, stretching, and kicking. He’s very good at alerting people of the arrival of delivery trucks, and is definitely not a morning person.












Lira, Prada, Jake, Annabell: From top left, clockwise, these are Lisa’s pets. Lira is the bratty princess cat, and is quick to scare off anyone else for attention. Prada is the royal princess, next in line for the throne, and very regal and elegant. Jake is the goofball, and makes the funniest faces (and is Lisa’s favorite, shhh we won’t tell if you won’t). Annabell is the only dog. She is very protective of the ones she loves, and she loves to snuggle whenever you let her.