The Social Justice League

We need a new generation of superheroes!


We’re assembling a team of young superheroes to tackle discrimination and injustice wherever they find it.


Introducing: The Social Justice League!


About the Program

The Social Justice League is seven month training program for kids hosted by Dancing Bear Toys and Spellbound Books. Each month will focus on a different social justice theme. We’ll host monthly workshops with local nonprofits and assign kids Superhero Homework to complete by the end of the month. When they turn in their Superhero Homework, they’ll get a prize from a different local business. The program is designed to empower kids to recognize and stand up to injustice in their own communities.

What will the workshops be like?

Each workshop will last fourty-five minutes to an hour. Everything is free to attend and everybody’s welcome. You don’t have to register ahead of time- just show up and bring your friends! Come dressed as your favorite superhero!


Workshops will include a presentation from someone in the community who works closely with that month’s cause and an interactive activity. At the end of the workshop, we’ll send kids home with a special badge and Superhero Homework.


What’s Superhero Homework?

Superhero Homework helps us see what kids are learning in these workshops! We’ll ask them to draw a picture, write a story, or design a comic strip about that month’s theme. If they turn their homework in by the end of the month, they’ll get a prize (i.e. a small gift card) to a local kid-friendly business.


Eventually, we’d love to print a selection of kids’ social justice themed artwork and sell them around town as postcards with all proceeds donated to the ACLU. Stay tuned for more information!


Work With Us

Do you have a great idea for a social justice themed workshop for kids? Drop us a line- we’re always open to new ideas!


Event Schedule


All events are from 12-1pm

April 8- Stand Against Racism with the YWCA

Location: Dancing Bear Toys


May 20- Report the Truth

Location: Spellbound Bookshop


June 17- See Through Propaganda

Location: Spellbound Bookshop


July 8- Get in Touch with Representatives

Location: Dancing Bear Toys


August 12- Protect the Earth with Mountain True

Location: Dancing Bear Toys


September 9- Empower Girls with Blue Ridge Taekwondo and Girls on the Run

Location: Dancing Bear Toys

October 7- Protect the Water with RiverLink

Location: Dancing Bear Toys